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A Few of My Favorite Things #26


If you’re joining us late, we’re crusing down the home stretch of an ENTIRE MONTH’s worth of blog posts cleverly titled (not) A Few of My Favorite Things. Originally conceived to invite you to consider buying handmade for the holidays, at this point I’m saying: Didn’t get anything good? Then why not GO TREAT YOURSELF to something gorgeously handmade? This entire post features the incredible work of Angela Rossi at Beat Up Creations, who likes to have fun with cast-off china plates.

Rossi’s shop is chock-full of delightful animal and pop-culture hero images, each married with their perfect plate, as if by destiny. She also sells very handsome art-prints and some art objects as well.

Ironic, hip, and very punk, if you ask me.

Pictured above is the series of plates I commissioned from Angela for the BF’s 60th birthday. Ray Davies, Keith Richards, and Johnny Thunders. They are DIVINE and she was a blast to work with!

Here’s a close-up of sexy-boy Keith, snuggled up with the old wedding china and a collection of cups I snagged from me mum. Spot ‘o tea anyone?

4 Responses to A Few of My Favorite Things #26

  1. Beth says:

    OMfreakinG, jodi….. We were *this* close to getting the Sid n Nancy plate for you and DG for a combo holiday pressie. We knew you’d love it, but weren’t sure if DG would so we changed course and went the safe route (gift certificates are always the right size). I found the above plate in mid-dec.

    • admin says:

      OMG!!!!! I have been lusting for that thing for a loooooong time! That is truly hilarious. Of course David would have immediately wanted to drive the car over it. Not a big fan of the Pistols… LOL!!!!

  2. Anália says:

    very good, look forward to view your other articles.

  3. Agnes says:

    this was a really quality post. i wasn’t aware of the many ripples and depth to this story until i surfed here through google! great job.

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