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Newly Finished


Finished up the Maintain Balance necklace yesterday.

The clasp turned out cool, with a handcrafted toggle and a found rubber gasket.

Here’s a close up of the main elements.

And, modeled by the lovely headless zombie torso, Missouri-Abigale. PS: Two words I am TIRED of seeing together: Statement & Necklace. AGHHHHH, make it stop!

Home Sweet Home was also finished yesterday.

In love with this picture frame scored at half price on the Hobby Lobby field trip!

Another nice aspect of the new model is that she is lifesize, so this will give a sense of scale without my having to constantly provide measurements of everything.

Full size images over on flickr.

3 Responses to Newly Finished

  1. Steph says:

    I LOVE this necklace… awesome and fun and wicked and great… and so different from what is seen everywhere! :)

  2. these are flippin glorious! how come i havent seen these?!?!

  3. admin says:

    YOU GUYS! you are flipping me out. Fanci, I’m in making-not-listing mode at the moment. Awaiting site redesign / overhaul.

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