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Those of you who’ve known me for awhile might remember that my little jewelry business, So Charmed, began in 2001 as a small Web site selling themed charm bracelets with titles like Alien Abduction, Mod Squad, and Tutti Frutti. There were Alice in Wonderland bracelets and darker gothy pieces. Shortly after, I began designing custom charm bracelets for clients the world over… from the US to the UK, from Lebanon to Paris. Lots and lots of charm bracelets, each with a highly personal story to tell. And then… I took a break from charm bracelets.

When Margie’s family got in touch recently to request a gift bracelet, I couldn’t say no. Pictured at the top of the post, with additional detailed shots, the process, result, and exclamations of joy from Margie reminded me fully why I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating these magical little heirlooms.

Margie’s bracelet is sweet-with-a-bite, titled: Smitten, Bitten, and a Kitten. It includes the articulated fangs shown above and loads of vintage beads in dusky candy colors. After doing dozens, possibly hundreds of these, I can tell you, the endless nature of how they turn out never ceases to amaze me. And I’d really like to start offering them again on my site!

Above is Margie’s daughter Abby’s bracelet… a long ago creation. Completely coincidentally, I chose the SAME kitty bead for Mom’s bracelet! Everything is up for grabs on these pieces… thematically, stylistically, color, charm selections. Materials are all sterling… sometimes with pewter charms used to keep costs lower.

Above is the add-a-charm bracelet designed for a one-year-old who is very special to me and my family. I left the bracelet blank enough to receive goodies annually. Please note, the bracelets are NOT appropriate for children or even super-active teens. They do have a certain inherent fragility, and should be handled with some care. Charms can be soldered in place for added security, this adds greatly to cost though. This and other childhood pieces are curated for presentation at a much later date.

One of the most elaborate bracelets I ever created was Wendy’s, pictured above. This one includes many custom resin charms, which are not at this time being offered. Still available though are an endless variety of gorgeous sterling and enameled charms, food charms, vintage charms, even a Tiffany’s gift box charm. The sky really is the limit.

Custom charm bracelets start at $400 + insured priority shipping; this covers my time and the basic supplies with pewter charms. Most of the pieces cost $450-600, with some going much higher. What drives the cost higher?Sterling/enameled and other specialty charms, vintage rare charms, and soldering (+$20 ea charm). The best approach is for YOU to decide your budget or range, and then I will work within that. Intrigued? Get in touch! And stay tuned for a section on the site offering these lovelies once again.

PS: No, I probably can’t get one done by xmas. In the past though, holiday recipients have been gifted with cards telling them that something verrrry special is being custom-designed and made for them. Trust me, no one has been disappointed to date!

6 Responses to Charming Charminess

  1. Kay Hyde says:

    Exactly the reason why i love charmed bracelets because, they can be personalized to whatever you desire and to whoever you would love to give it too. Age wouldn’t matter as long as you choose the right theme for her. :)

  2. jodi says:

    Kay, thanks for writing, and you are so correct about these lovely items… there’s as much variety in the bracelets as there is in the world of women and girls! I am constantly amazed at how unique each one turns out, no matter how many I create over the years! xoxo

  3. beth says:

    ooooh! the j-ball’s bracelet. when scrolling down while reading post i saw that pic and thought hummmm, that looks familiar. then reading further i saw that yes, indeed, it is familiar.

    i’ve been wanting to make/find some kind of shadow box or frame to display the bracelet in. right now it’s stored in the SC black box.

    all your creations are little works of art that don’t need to constantly be stored within the confines of a jewelry box.

  4. jodi says:

    Bethy! Well, as it happens, I did once make a little shadow box for a bracelet… the bracelet, and its box were wedding gifts for my employee Jessica, if you remember her. I’m going to dig around for photos of it, so you can see… it came out so wonderful. And… I have a couple of the blank boxes, which I bought at Michael’s long ago, if you’d like one. We’ll talk! I forgot all about this… thanks for reminding me.

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