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WIP: Piece of Cake Dress


A few weeks ago I posted about a terrific pattern I’d discovered; a dress called the Piece of Cake (by Jody Pearl of Sew Outside the Lines). Pictured above is my dress in progress!

The hardest part of this (I think) is the slight altering to the pattern that I worked through this week. I went between sizes for the top, and opened the front neck and arm holes a little. Super easy, really.

You may remember my excitement over Japanese fabrics I’d located on etsy, and yes, I did end up ordering some. However, for this first dress, I don’t want to start cutting into $18 per yard (GASP) linen, hence the above pictured mid-century table cloth I dug out of my dining room sideboard. It’s really lovely! And I was able to avoid the holes! The top fabric looks mid-century, but I’m not sure; it may be reproduction. It was a pair of pajama bottoms — already cut up a bit — scored at a yard sale.

I’m going out to buy seam binding tape (any ideas for color??) and if you missed by facebook post on how to sew seam binding, here is a terrific and very funny video on the subject:

This is truly just so exciting and fun. I am enjoying it immensely and finding that I mostly do have the patience to do things slowly and with care. Sewing commences this weekend… wish me luck!

8 Responses to WIP: Piece of Cake Dress

  1. Jody Pearl says:

    Looking good – love the green!

    • Josie says:

      Congratz on the award, you totally deserve it! And thanks so much for nominating me and for your kinds words! Those are just about the best comptimenls my blog has gotten I’m so pleased that you like my photos, I’m super excited now hahahakeep it up!

  2. Stacey Hobbins says:

    Came over from Sewing Outside the Lines. Great tutorial, too embarrassed to tell you what happened last time I used some of that binding but am feeling like I might be able to get past it and try again :)
    PS. You ARE funny!!

    • jodi says:

      Stacey! Welcome and thanks so much for your reply. I don’t know why I didn’t get an email that you’d visited… so I apologize for the delay. I want to see your Pieces of Cake… are they on flickr somewhere? Share, share!!!

    • jodi says:

      PS: seriously, if I can manage the danged binding tape, you can too. It is tricky. But one of my “secrets” is to sew on the slowest speed possible on my machine. Which I do… all the time! Sometimes I think… if I sewed faster, it might be straighter, but every time I make a move to increase speed I feel like my machine is a runaway train, and everything just goes to hell in a handcart!!!

  3. Pam says:

    Hi Jodi, found you through Jody Pearl’s blog.
    so loving your tunic, the colour will really make it i think. it’s a great little pattern isn’t it?
    i’ve collected a few of these tablecloths with the intention of making clothes with them, but so far haven’t done that! but i will!!!! :))

    • jodi says:

      Oh, I can’t wait to see what you make! Please post the photos when you’re finished. I have had a long love affair with vintage linens, especially the table cloths. They are no longer in thriftstores here these days, but I see them online and they are still less expensive than fabric yardage in many cases. I love how they have borders too… very fun! Thanks for stopping by!!

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