My So Charmed Life

A VERY Subversive Collaboration



If you don’t know about Subversive Cross Stitch by now, you don’t know JACK! Make that JACKSON, as in Julie Jackson, one of the top-rockin’ original divas of the DIY crafts movement, a published writer, and a lovely, snarky girlie who lives down in Texas. Julie and I met (in the virtual sense) years ago when our business ventures were young. She and her busy fingers created a (deliciously nasty) cross stitch sampler for my just-born studio, and I made her a sumptuious piece of serious bling in the form of a custom charm bracelet. We vowed to collaborate one day… and that day is today! Thus, I am proudly announcing the debut of the Subversive Cross Stitch and So Charmed limited edition line, which starts with three of Julie’s wonderful samplers encased in glittered resin Victorian inspired (and BIGGIE-SIZED) frames. Available as pins, with vintage buttons and tulle bows, or necklaces, with loooong black satin ribbon to hang coquettishly down your back. Choose from: Bite Me, Bitch, or I Heart Girls. And, stay tuned for a very special Holiday piece to hit the site in October. Available exclusively at So Charmed.


Pieces are being modeled by the lovely Sarah E, from designfarm.



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