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Modern Art Makes Me Want to ROCK OUT


I don’t have the wherewithall at the moment to write any cultural reviews of movies, books, art, etc, which is what I want to do with this space, but I do want to explain the name of this subject area because it’s the BESTEST song by the BESTEST band. If you haven’t heard the first offering by UK band, Art Brüt, run don’t walk to your nearest or itunes or whatever and buy the freaking thing b/c it rocks so hard it will make you want to shout and dance and jump up and down vertically, like you used to when you were young and hung out at rock clubs. I know b/c after practically lasering holes in the disc with my car CD player, I went to see them at the Black Cat, drank a bit too much, and jumped vertically up and down like I did when I was young and hung out at rock clubs. I’m sorry if it’s not the prettiest endorsement, just go out and buy the record. I named a subject after it! Molly and I go wild dancing to this record! Here, here’s a link.

PS: OMG… well it appears the Art Brüt boys have a new one out… heading over to itunes as we speak. Review to come.

PSS: Modern art really does make me want to rock out. Really.

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