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My Manic Creative Episode



Lots happening at the So Charmed World HQ, I barely know where to start! I’m coming down the homestretch of one of my famously prolific creative high spells, and that’s a good thing b/c if said manic episode doesn’t end soon I am going to implode like some kind of burnt-out asteroid. I love these times, really I do, and I’m grateful as heck to find myself with a problem such as “too much creative energy.” But it is exhausting and tends to make me stumble around all dreamy-like.

I have loads of images to share (Oscar Wilde, above, from the Libertines series which also includes John Wilmot (did you see the film with Johnny Depp? I loved it!… and Aphra Behn), but really, what I think I’d like to chat about (rather than the work, which I hope will be somewhat self explanatory) is process(es) and maybe a little about bidness.

In the realm of technique and materials, I’ve been exploring the wonderful — and disgustingly toxic — world of resin. This liquid glass, measured, mixed up, poured, and kept dust-free for 24 hrs, allows me to create provocative photographic and text-based charms and this, my dears, has truly placed the power of story-telling-with-jewelry into my hot little hands. The most fun part, imho, is concepting as well as hunting down imagery. I have been combing my favorite antique stores for scanable ephemera and (illegally no doubt) yanking stuff off the Internet. I’m trying to be all public domain about it, so please don’t rat me out. The part I hate about resin though is the chemistry… it’s smelly, sticky, and gives me a headache. It’s messy and can go hugely wrong in an instant. Many (too many!) sterling charms ruined! But when it’s good… it’s soooo good! And although much of this work is in sterling, it’s really quite affordable and I’m able to make multiples with more ease than usual. Pictured above is Under the Boardwalk from Pirates Collection at So Charmed, available in Redhead or Brunette. :).

I’ve also been exploring creative collaborations with other artists and this has been terribly exciting and fun. The first such effort I’ll share with you is with my friend Brad of New Beat from Brain. Brad’s pop surrealist collages are gorgeously way out there; you can purchase wall-sized versions from his site. And if you’re in the mood for wearing art ’round your neck, we’ve collaborated on a handful of OOAK necklaces featuring miniaturized versions of the collages sealed forever into groovy vintage bottle caps.


Pictured above, He Came for Me, available only at my new Etsy shop at the moment (search for socharmed in user names). Several other top-secret and very thrilling collaborations are in progress, so stay tuned.

As you all know, earlier this year I did a batch of very pretty charm bracelets in 100% sterling silver. They are gorgeous and some have found homes, but they are trĂ©s expensive due to the soaring cost of sterling. In an effort to get back down to earth with jewelry-making, I’ve moved away from sterling and am back to a playful MO with loads of other things, from plastics to fabrics to vintage metals, anything I can get my hands on that will keep my supplies and subsequent retail pricing reasonable. The brooch below — Crank it Up — was constructed of killer flourescent pink ribbon, black tulle with silver glitter, and a volume knob I bought in a guitar shop in the East Village. The prototype is on its way to a fab shop in Philly called Omoielle, but I can make more so please order away.


And, jewelry isn’t just for being pretty… it’s useful too. I personally have a deadly penicillin allergy and have always wished for a prettier medic-alert than the u.g.l.y. stuff that’s out there. Sooooo, introducing my Conditions collection–customized medic tags that are so cute you’ll wish you had… um… a condition. And not to worry, if you don’t, you can make one up. See these in the Poets collection, because you know, we poets all have some god-awful condition or another.



In other news… one-inch So Charmed buttons are on their way (my new “business cards”) and I’ll post photos when they get here, as well as include them in your pkgs from now on! Dontcha love swag?
Last but not least, if you’re not a member of my email list, please consider signing up soon. I’ll be sending out my Fall E-Charm Newsletter in September (when I’ll be ahem, turning 50!!!!) and it WILL have a coupon for your shopping pleasure.

Sorry to rant on… I TOLD you, I’ve been a busy bee!!!

xoxo and let me know whatcha think of the new stuff, k???

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