My So Charmed Life




What?! The person you love most in the world is a cat? I hear ya. Really, I do. Which is why I’m bringing you this post on wonderful kitty Valentines! If your special feline is a spunky kitten, or still THINKS he/she/it is a spunky kitten, run do not walk to your nearest Target and pick up this most adorable gift, pictured above. Nope, it’s not chocolate, just soft sewn cat-nip toys disguised as fancy high-falutin’ candies! Adorably packaged, each in their own little accordian paper cup, the whole thing tied up with a pink gros-grain bow and a STEAL at $2.99! Yes, I know it’s made in China. But I’m sorry, I had to have them. Roadtested by Michelangelo and Iggy Pop… these were a huge hit.


But for those who are feeling a little more flush, and ready to lavish something EXTRA special on that extra special little purr machine… there’s KITTY WIGS, the latest wicked-funny (yet quite serious) entrepreneurial adventure of the diva of cross stitch herself, Miss Julie Jackson. Pictured above is a cat named Chicken sporting my favorite Kitty Wig in bubblegum pink. Even the packaging is just too cute, see below.


I wish I could give a testimonial on these… but Michelangelo would slice me to ribbons if he thought I was even considering putting a wig on him. Iggy Pop, on the other hand, may well have some latent cross-dressing tendencies, so please stay tuned.

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