My So Charmed Life

A Series of Short Posts on Random Topics



How I have missed blogging! The “problem” is, I’ve had too much actual work to do. About which I am NOT complaining, dear friends. But it has cut into my frivolous blabbermouthing time something fierce. Anyway, here is a series of short bits with photos. Pictured above, a cute little badge/pin from So Charmed. The flower is made of paper and I love the post apocalyptic elegant garbage look of this piece.


Is this not the coolest ring ever? But wait. There’s more.


Yes! Mechanical! I love jewelry that moves. And with the Antoinette-y fleur-de-lis on the front, and big tattoo heart wings on the back (just like my ink)… it’s simply too perfect. Purchased by my dear BF at Gregg Wolf in the East Village, on our last trip to NYC. He found it while I was across the street looking at an amazing collection of vintage eyeglass frames, clothing and accessories at another store (see below).


Best 1940’s old-lady shoes I’ve ever come across (and I’ve been hunting these down for decades). Yes, they look a little like I should be standing outside a store on behalf of the Salvation Army ringing a bell at Xmastime, but I can’t help it, I’m a freak for these shoes. Scored them at a discount b/c the shopowner declared I was the only person in years who actually fit into the things. Me and my super-narrow tootsies. Favorite feature: totally wearable/walkable heel. Downside: I may actually be too much of an old lady to rock these in an ironic way! Oh well, too bad.


To get away from consumerism for a moment, let’s touch on another favorite topic: Anxiety. Thanks to countless hours of therapy, most of my anxiety “triggers” are a thing of the past. That said, imagine my horror at a certain fear and loathing while carrying Molly’s (conveniently?) forgotten-at-my-house Algebra book to the office to give to her dad. She’s 11 for god’s sake. Just look at this thing!


And don’t let the “friendly” use of Comic Sans in the subheads, or the colorful pictures of astronauts in the margins fool you into thinking this is fun. Hyperventilating as we speak… let’s get back to arts & crafts please.


Did you know the Girl Scouts of America give merit badges for voodoo? Me neither! Had I known, I’d have joined up pronto.


And, the hell with Project Runway. You can give yourself a GSA vintage Fashionista merit badge by visiting my etsy shop. So there!


Meanwhile, I shall have to send one of these badges off to Selene Gibbous of Gibbous Fashions. Creator and purveyor of the most unbelievable wearable works of art, I have begun saving my hard-earned pennies to add a few of her fanstastical pieces to my (admittedly otherworldly) personal collection. When you visit the Gibbous site, be prepared for immersion into an incredibly thorough world of post-punk Dickensian fashion and imagery. I’m in LOVE.


Above is my own little entry in the world of trashion, a vintage slip (probably 60’s) embellished with a rubber stamp and embroidery combo.


Yes, damn it, I have to put a little tulle on everything. If you have further interest in my embroidery works, visit me on flickr.


Still a mainstay of the So Charmed charming empire, the custom charm bracelet to end all custom charm bracelets will shortly be on its way to my dear client Wendy. Just look at all the yumminess! Genuine Tiffany charm, bagel with cream cheese, Sweet Baby James… and loads of sparkly goodness. What is NOT to love? Big hugs to Wendy who made this possible. I’ll be posting details of this bracelet to the site soonest!

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