My So Charmed Life

Mad Plaid Cuffies


You fashion grls out there know: Cuffs are the new black. Or whatever. But the truth is, this is a great, flexible format within which to create. I did some fun knitted ones awhile back and here is a new batch. These are being offered as assymetrical one-of-a-kind pairs. FUN!

This pair features a lovely rhinestone button/badge and sweet creamy lace.

I named this oxford pair the Wall Street Cuffs. They have amazing Venitian lace attached and pretty chains.

This is how they look on; the lace drapes so nicely over your hand. Molly’s chipped black nails were a perfect complement to the punkified look.

Love the tartan flannel and pleated gothy black lace! Maybe this is my favorite pair…

Really adorable sterling silver rhinestoned bejeweled Union Jack charm on this one. These are very fun to wear, cozy, sexy and as they say “on trend.” ICK!

Cuffs are now on my Etsy site and will soon be uploaded to So Charmed proper; these will be found in the Punks collection.

And as I’ve been reminding everyone lately: PLEASE practice CRAFTS INTEGRITY. Don’t copy the work of others. Take influence perhaps, but make it your own. Copying isn’t nice, invokes bad karma, and may mean you’ll get a punch in the nose as well as awful curses rained down upon you. I’m NOT kidding!!!

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