My So Charmed Life

Inspiration: CDG


Oh these many years of longing for the wearable art of Rei Kawakubo, design genius behind the formidable Comme des Garcons.

Alas, I shall likely never be able to afford such treasures, but can, and will take inspiration.

These first images are from the discount designer website Yoox, garments currently available at astronomical sale prices.

Can you see the little ruffled holes in the above dress? Here’s a jacket where the concept is a bit clearer.

I love the amoeba-like shapes, organic openings in an otherwise highly tailored piece.

The franken-jacket-dress below is both ethereal and masculine. How does she do it with such consistency, grace, and slight humor?

Girlish androgyny; further words fail me.

And this, a simpler, more every-day sort of thing with built-in layers…  so lovely.

I believe the following pictures are from a much older collection… 2008.

The cage dress on the right is the stuff of dreams.

Girlie, masculine, feminine, butch, frills, bondage and ballet. It’s unbearable, I tell you.

Fringe, white shoes/black tights, draping, construction and flow.


Dream on sisters of fashion, dream on.

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