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A Few of My Favorite Things #10


I am not sure if this is a post about a) one of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol, or b) One of my favorite objects (ever), a commissioned work of art by c) another of my favorite artists, John Larriva. Let’s go with b and c.

A long while ago I asked John Larriva–who seems to no longer be listing his hopgoblins along with his wonderful paintings in his Etsy shop–if he’d create one such toy based on my hero, the aforementioned Andy W. After bugging him to death about it, and then quickly realizing the absolute genius of his creation, I’ve now, 1.5 years later, FINALLY made the little film of this object, see above.

Because it all happens so fast (my FIRST movie, don’t bust my chops! Plus, Mr. Warhol was NOT cooperating and kept losing his eyeglasses and/or leaping off the stage set) I’ve included a still, above, so you can really see what Mr. Larriva’s work is made of. The wig absolutely kills me.

You’ll have to dig back into Larriva’s sold archives to find the other wind-ups he’s sold via Etsy, including the hopping Denis Hopper, pictured above. Which I think I first saw on April Winchell’s Regretsy site. Denis may be in her collection of obj√©cts.

As for what compelled me to commission a hopping Warhol is anyone’s guess. You have to admit, Andy would have lurved it. Oh, and PS: None other than Interview Magazine contacted me recently about publishing some jewelry! Waiting to see if it will happen, but seriously! Just sayin’!

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