My So Charmed Life

A Few of My Favorite Things #6


I own a piece from i heart fink, and I dearly love it. Pictured above, the Talk Talk Frock, which, if/when I have some extra dough I’ll ask them to make in my size (this one appears to be a 2/4). Frankly, everything in this shop is really cute and supah stylish. Their tagline: Nouveau Flowerchild Chic Garments Handmade by 2 Dames sums it up nicely. You’ll find gorgeous and unique hand-screened prints turned into really charming one-of-a-kind tops and dresses, with clean lines, excellent fit/drape and sweet details like pintucks and such. Read more about this dynamic duo (one lives in Brooklyn, one in Santa Fe) on their Featured Seller interview.

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