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So it’s been a crazy kind of year at my fulltime graphic design gig (designfarm), which my dears is a very good thing indeed. And I say that with the utmost gratitude to the gods of fulltime work. That said, there just hasn’t been much of me left to make jewelry and So Charmed has been a somewhat neglected affair.

Then along came my birthday and a gift from the BF of a metal working class. That (the class) is really another story for another time, but suffice to say that it got the muses yammering again, forcing me to carve out time to make things and–unbelievably–to completely clean up the jewelry studio. Imagine if you will a literal explosion of tiny beads, jump rings, head pins. Every surface, every square inch. So many projects half finished! All of the good creative moves and the bad ones! Laid out to haunt me and taunt me. When this new work began steam-rollering me it was simply time to clear space… for the brain AND the hands to play.

Clearly something rather tribal going on. Beadwork, for sure. Vintage bits, check. Ribbon made from recycled ancient Indian sari’s. Fibers and lightbulbs, hard and soft, east and west. Far be it for me to sort this all out. Pictured above: Lucky Wolverine.

Seriously rusty found hardware, beads including glass pearls, sari fabric, tiny treasures. A chunky bangle: Vacant Lot in Bronzeville.

Test drove this last weekend and absolutely loved wearing it. Not as awkward as you might think. Not awkward at all, actually.

Gorgeous handmade stonewear beads by ChelleV2 on Etsy, colors aren’t being captured well here. Taxidermy and more found rusty stuff. Best piece of sari ribbon in the whole skein. Bone has been drilled and sewn. Sometimes I do weird things in the studio!


Here’s a batch of delicate tribal earrings, including the coolest blue/green tusk from Rehoboth Beach last summer. The tea green oval rings are GLASS. As are those tiny white Victorian buttons. The flamingo colored faceted vintage beads that look like glass are plastic. These all have a certain prettiness.

Here’s another pair of earrings, tribal asymmetry and such: On the Beach includes coral and vtg African beads.

I saved the best for last, a super long necklace full of vintage Czech glass candy that was hand-linked rosary style by yours truly during several hospital visits to a family member. Lotta work, that rosary beading!

Toys included: vintage transparent blue bingo chip and little chunky red gear.

Last but not least: REVERSIBLE! Just look at that image. You know I’m in typography heaven. Speaking of which, back to my deadlines.

xoxo and go find these things in the Pirates section. If not listed, they will be soon, I promise.

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