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High Net Worth


Have had a complete fascination and love for automobile emblems for a long time now; once created an entire line of vintage handbags featuring these… all sold now with a few in my private collection. Anyway, have had this Caddy wreath around the studio for months, distressed it, left it on my work bench, waited, and woke up yesterday morning having figured out how to construct the necklace I wanted to make. Too busy with NYE to make anything but lasagne yesterday but got up this morning and worked out the details. Very excited with results and will be adding more to this series.

Vintage chandelier crystals for added post-apocalyptic glitz appeal.

Clasp is a wonderful vintage button… not sure what this type of button is called with the cording wrapped around. Anyone know? I have two more of these. LOVE.

This necklace hangs longer than I usually make. I’m so petite myself that I tend to wear shorter length things, but have to remember that lots of people like the longer concept.

This image shows the clasp + a very cute set of coral teeth to help you bite the hand that feeds you. This piece is very world’s-end for me, not in a Westwood kind of way, in a dress up all glam for the bombed-out ball kind of way.

Full-sized images on flickr.

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