My So Charmed Life

Surrealist Circus


At 14 I almost ran away to join the circus. Not wanting to be too big for my britches, or cause my mother an untimely death (she would have been only 34 at the time) I opted instead to spend a lot of time at the State Fair with a handful of glamorous characters several years my senior. Hours spent wandering the chicken building for exotic feathers to tie in our hair, licking hot sugar from mini-donuts off our fingers, and screaming down the giant slide, which seemed it might go on forever, dumping us into another star-filled galaxy in the night sky, far away from parents and school and our utterly boring lives.

Quieter times were spent sitting by the door of the Fair Arts Building with a surrealist boy, discussing anarchism, the poetry of rockabilly music and plans to run away to San Francisco. Laughing until tears fell like mewling kittens from my shining eyes.

You think I’m making this up. Well, I have witnesses.

Two lovely boutinniere corsages designed for the so charmed relaunch. There will be more. Interested now? Please get in touch.

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