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Tout Finis


With all the daily posting in Dec, a couple of pieces never made it onto the blog, thought I’d include them here so I can MOVE ON! Pictured above and below, The Trapeze Artist mixed media joint.

Lots of materials combined here.

Two more close-ups, nice little clasp if I do say! And this skein of the Indian sari fiber is incredible… it’s black but also has under and overtones of blue. This is the color I want my hair!

This one is called When You Left I Found Direction. I’ll just stack the other photos below. That’s an opalite chunk and a bone in the center.

The opalite glows like NOBODY’s bidness, changing with variations in light. Gorgeous.

More dreamy sari fiber. It only gets better as it frays.

As always if you want to see the photos bigger, hit my flickr page. All jewelry goes into the category on the right. Duh!

Yes, these will be for sale when so charmed relaunches soon. Sign up for the eNews which publishes so sporadically it’s ridiculous, to get that announcement. Here’s the only one that went out in 2011 in case ya missed it.

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