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Rebel Rebel Scarf Pattern Release


Long time, no blog, don’t hate!

In the years since, truth be told, I’ve not been making much jewelry. Well, I did make some, but then got bogged down making the Web pages… but I’ll do that one day! Promise!

Meanwhile, I’ve turned into a crazed, knitting-addicted maniac. And, even more troubling (exciting?) I’ve designed and released a pattern on Ravelry.

Thanks to a dear friend, I fell in love with stranded color work specifically, finding this technique to be one of the most joyful, creative, and thrilling things I’ve ever done in any medium.

This is an intermediate pattern; you should be familiar with stranded colorwork as those basic instructions are not included. You’ll get the charts for all the Bowie material, designed by me. The rest of the scarf is completely open-ended and even simple stripes will work (and I’d love to see that!).

If you want to follow my lead, you’ll need the two books pictured below. Anna Bauer’s Alterknit Rebellion completely inspired me and is a must-have for any colorwork enthusiast. Trust me, you will LOVE this book. And, Alterknit Stitch Dictionary is also a total gem and must-have.

And, please stay tuned because I have more patterns in development as part of my RockStar series; Lou Reed and Arthur Rimbaud are up next. I plan to eventually release these as an eBook as well. The best place to keep up with me these days is Instagram: @SoCharmedTribe.

xoxo and until next time (which will be sooner than 5 years… I promise!)