My So Charmed Life

Rockin’ Out at CVS



I live in Takoma Park, a historic turn-of-the-century close-in Maryland suburb to Washington, DC. Utne Reader dubbed my hometown: Leftiest burb anywhere. I’ve also heard it referred to as Berkeley East, Tie-dye Park, and The People’s Republic of Takoma Park.

So, as you can imagine, when CVS wanted to build one of their stores, with its humongous blasting signage and Made in China m.o., right here in the heart of “downtown,” there was a lot of hullaballoo, hooha, and ole’ fashioned protestation by the ex-hippie-turned-uber-high-income-earning-big-SUV-driving populace. That’s another story for another time, and I’m not going there right now. But the dealio is, CVS did get built and it’s conveniently located across the street from our office building. We like to stroll over for a soda, to have a private meeting, or just to kill a little time when our brains are aching from too much brilliant creativity.

Besides, I’m a drugstore cowgirl from way back and where else can you score great cheap make-up by the bucketful, the latest affordable wrinkle-cream concoctions, giant tubs of dry roasted peanuts with this really tasty seasoning, and occasionally a bundle of awesome CDs for very silly prices, see above. So what if they give you the wrong prespcription from time to time? Is it gonna kill ya? Oh, and yes, all songs are the original recordings by the original artists. Whaddya think I am??

Thus, if you call my office, designfarm, you’ll be treated to the sweet sounds of Roy, The Byrds, Frank, and the O’Jays on our hold music. So call now and call often! Especially if you have some good graphic design projects for us, ok?

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