My So Charmed Life

Yep, it’s Another Bloomin’ Blog



For those of you who just can’t get enough of my unbridled blabbermouthing, I’ve come up with yet another platform. In association with the launch of my graphic design studio designfarm’s brand spankin’ new web site, the staff and I decided that not only do we love to practice design, we also love to jibber-jabber on (and on and on) about the subject.


So, whether you are a designer, a consumer of design, or just curious about why certain people are prone to exhuberent Tourettes-like shouts of “HELVETICA!” or “BODONI!” when movie credits are rolling and everyone else is quietly heading out of the theater, click on over to The Fourth Wall, for a shocking and unprecedented look inside the mind of working designers. You can read more than you ever wanted to know about such things as the color yellow and my BF’s former apartment as well as participate in fun little contests and exercises.


Oh, and it’s not just me raving on about typography, etc, it’s also my talented staff designers, Jessica and Sarah. They are a lot younger than me, each with their own creative voice and POV, so I think you’ll enjoy their observations too!

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