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Deep Fried at The Ohio State Fair


First stop upon arrival at this year’s Ohio State Fair: the sheep barn. The babies were getting tucked in for the night in their pj’s, so they could rest up and not soil themselves before winning ribbons at tomorrow’s show. I love the wrinkles on this one.

But this baby gets the blue ribbon for most fabulous shape! Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

As referenced above. Pajamas. The farmer who raised these cuties was actually a very nice guy and came over to talk to us. He tried to explain that the whole thing was evolutionary… survival of the fittest… and that the winners at the Fair would get to live, while the others… well, you know… as he said, would end up in the freezer.

I really wasn’t sure whether this was a poster for an event where sheep rocked out at a jam session, or where they had been turned into something spreadable on toast (free samples?)… but I did not go back the next morning to find out.

Besides, there are much better things to eat at the State Fair.

Oh yes. Deep fried buckeyes… all warm and chocolatey with a heated peanut butter center, crispy on the outside and dusted with powdered sugar. All kidding aside, this is one of the MOST delicious things I’ve ever eaten. I would fly back to Ohio every summer just for a serving of these and my Rubino’s pizza. Columbus, you know what I’m talkin’ about. (PS: Rubino’s delivers… all over the world! Yes, we will!)

Nothing like the midway at night… thrill on!

So beautiful.

Above: Why your children will be in therapy. What demented soul is creating this art? I want to meet him/her.

Even more disturbing, sweet plushie bears hanging upside down beneath the glaring lights…

Terrifying. But hey, some kid in some godforsaken factory somewhere made a nickel that week sewing these!

Deep Fried Buckeyes for dinner… and for dessert?

Yes, people, it’s fer real. Sorry, I’ll have to file my report on the Deep Fried Kool-Aid next year… you didn’t honestly think I could stomach these after the buckeyes did you?

Until 2012… with love from your Fair goin’ gal. xoxo

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