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Giving it Away


Happy New Year to all! Is it Jan. 2 all ready? Time is FLYING! Which is why I included the earrings far left in this first jewelry give-away. Those feature little clock hands and little black glass beads. In the center we have vintage beads on long lovely ear-wires. On the far right vintage 50’s “cut-out” buttons and delicious glass lampworked strawbs. And all of this can be YOURS! To keep, to give away, to deconstruct for supplies, whatever your heart desires!

Here’s how I’m gonna work this. To enter, you just need to comment on this blog post… and tell me one New Year’s resolution. Extra points for a resolution you’ve all ready broken or intend to break soon! Just kidding. Sort of. But share something… anything. I’ll put your name in a hat — a very cool vintage hat, of course — and then the bf will randomly draw a name for the winner. So it doesn’t matter what you write, we’re not judging.

Contest ends tomorrow at midnight, drawing and winner announced Weds, earrings ship by Friday.

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