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RimbaudMania, Revisited


Depending upon how long you’ve been reading this blog, you may remember that in the spring of 2010, my family traveled to Paris to attend the opening of a major exhibition of work inspired by French poet Arthur Rimbaud — RimbaudMania. You know how some moments of your life are so surreal that you can hardly experience them? This is one such moment. In the very short video above, you can see several jewelry cases, one of which has two pieces of mine displayed. This was the first room of the exhibit, entitled Objects Fetisches.

Below is a much longer video, running about 9 minutes and the videographer is moving through the exhibit from end to beginning. My work gets focus at 8:07 or thereabouts. This video also shows the works of Picasso, Leger, Miro, Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith, and Cocteau, among others… also included in the exhibition. There was a gorgeous hardbound catalog of the exhibit published, and my pieces were later sent to the Rimbaud Museum in Charleville-Mézières, France, where they reside as part of the permanent collection. Here’s a link with lots of photos to my original post.

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