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I’m reading Thomas Hardy (Far from the Madding Crowd) on my ipad (which no doubt is a bit weird) and was feeling very Victorian this morning… so here’s a little something in progress fresh off the bench–a dear distressed frame with buttons handsewn on vintage upholstery fabric. Not sure yet what the necklace part will look like, or if there might be additional things dangling from the lower eyelets. I’m planning to do some more of these with bits of salvaged embroidered hankies and such. What I’m happy with here is that the fabric isn’t under glass or resin or anything, which I felt would compromise the surface detail. Images also on flickr.

I’ve been wanting to share the above since last November when I completed this commissioned holiday gift for The Anthropologist’s wife.

This sweet pouch was designed and made to contain a very special object; a stone that The Anthropologist picked up in Darwin’s garden. Yes, that Darwin. Charles. When he first told me about the stone, I had envisioned wire-wrapping it. But when it was presented to me over lunch, I immediately knew that it had to be left free in order to be held in one’s hand for contemplation and meditative purposes.

Commissioned work is challenging because I want to satisfy a particular person, whilst remaining true to my creative vision. And in this case, I was thinking not just about The Anthropologist, but about his wife, who is a very creative, discerning woman. I wanted her to love the finished object as much as I knew she’d love her husband for thinking of such a thing. I am happy to report that the gift was a success.

Now back to Gabriel and Bathsheba.

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